1. HaShev

    Maxine Waters Sold her soul to the Devil

    In 2010 Maxine Waters filed a complaint about Comcast lobbying bribes, but then by 2012 gladly took their money and is in 2017-2018 enjoying the perks of Comcast's MSNBC airtime to spew her vitrol. 2012 figures to her finances: Comcast Corp gave her: $13,200, $3,200, & $10,000. MSNBC had her...
  2. S

    We deserve a president Trump

    I’m not surprised or upset that foreign governments have attempted to influence USA’s elections. Only the very naive beIieve the United States has and will not in the future act in a similar fashion when we believe it suits our purposes. I believe and regret that we people are so stupid as to...

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