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leftist coup

  1. The Original Tree

    The Left Simply Does Not Culturally Understand President Trump

    3 Reasons The Left Doesn't Understand The President. 1.) Domestic Cultural Differences. It's my opinion that much of The Left's Outrage is based in Ignorance of Cultural Differences between Nations & people even within our own borders. They are not accustomed to BLUNT Words, followed with...
  2. American_Jihad

    Ignore The Scandals, Resist The Coup

    I know some dumbocrats that are jumping out of the party because it's not what they signed up for. Wow 2018/20 might be another landslide... IGNORE THE SCANDALS, RESIST THE COUP The Ford’s Theater Election. May 25, 2017 Daniel Greenfield The only one real Trump scandal is the refusal of...

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