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  1. G

    Hypothetical Super Sexy Guys and Their Children

    Imagine Jamal. Jamal is sexy. He got really big cock. Every girls want to fuck and get knocked up by Jamal. Every single one. Jamal cannot make money. Is pretty much imbecile. Can't fight. But boy, can Jamal knock girls up. Jamal produces children after children after children. He lives on...
  2. toobfreak

    Just What Is Wrong With The GOP?

    While the democrats in control of nothing, still seemingly control everything, investigating whether Jared has night emissions and whether Donnie Junior is a threat to the nation, the GOP in control of everything, flop around like big smelly fish in the belly of a boat in the hot sun. IRS...
  3. P@triot

    Bernie Sanders epitomizes left-wing

    Bernie Sanders was asked to leave a Hippie Commune for being too lazy. That's right, the man that young people want to be president was too lazy to be a hippie in a hippie commune. :lol: The gospel truth is, I could care less how lazy someone is. I can appreciate wanting life outside of the...

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