1. RodISHI

    Should any government silence dissenters of religion if they are not promoting violence?

    I came across this article about Denmark's blasphemy law being used to prosecute a guy that burnt the Koran in a video. So I went to FB also and snagged one of the groups mentioned in the article. I think I'll join the group or at the very least 'like it'. The first article for the day was...
  2. American_Jihad

    Islam Awareness Week

    I think we are all aware of the beasts... A Little More On Islam Awareness Week The effective way to counter Muslim propaganda. April 11, 2016 Hugh Fitzgerald Several days ago Robert Spencer posted the photograph of a sign advertising a Muslim propaganda meeting, as part of a...
  3. American_Jihad

    Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition)

    The left get played on a lot of things, islam is just one... Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Playing or being played? March 4, 2016 Dr. Stephen M. Kirby Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts...
  4. American_Jihad

    Christian Bible More ‘Bloodthirsty’ than Quran

    I know you thought I flipped out lol... Latest Media Hype: Christian Bible More ‘Bloodthirsty’ than Quran Debunking a flawed study of the Islamic and Christian texts. February 18, 2016 Raymond Ibrahim A new data-based study published on Yahoo News, Huffington Post, and many other media...
  5. American_Jihad

    Berkeley political science on islam

    Boy just leave it to leftwing science... The “More Muslims, Less Homicides” Hoax Islam provides Muslims with a license to kill. January 26, 2016 Daniel Greenfield “No, Islam Isn’t Inherently Violent, And The Math Proves It,” M. Steven Fish declared in the Daily Beast. Vox’s headline...
  6. American_Jihad

    Islamic Revenge?

    Holy smokes, is that why liberals defend islam...:dunno: Islamic Revenge? Muslim Eats Enemy’s Penis to 'Cure Heartache' A macabre true-life story and its roots in the Religion of Peace. December 24, 2015 Raymond Ibrahim Is every bizarre and/or savage anecdote committed by Muslims related...
  7. Anonymous1977

    VERY INTERESTING collection of pictures of Muslims from a Facebook photo album

    ...including an image of an incarcerated Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber... (WARNING: SOME IMAGES GRAPHIC) David Nafomeke | Facebook
  8. Anonymous1977

    Pope kissing copy of Qur'an (Moslem scripture book)

    Image of Pope John Paul II kissing a copy of the Moslem scripture book (the Qur'an:)...Question: Why would the Pope be kissing a copy of a book that says that Jesus is NOT God's Son???
  9. Anonymous1977

    Islam's religiously sanctioned wife-beating

    Not trying to flame or attack anyone with this but discussing a serious religion subject; the religion of Islam religiously sanctions wife-beating... The following is 2 translations of chapter 4, verse 34 from the Qur'an (the Moslems scripture book;) these translations (the Noble Qur'an and the...

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