1. The Original Tree

    Everybody Hates John Kasich

    'Difficult People' star fumes after John Kasich gets her airplane seat Julie Klausner, known for the Hulu sitcom "Difficult People," said the Republican was an “obnoxious” flight companion on her podcast, “How Was Your Week?” She said a pilot needed to fly last-minute aboard the plane and...
  2. Y

    Today we will find out if Trump or Kasich is President

    Today is the day (12/19/2016) when the Electoral College will vote in each of their respective State capitols. This means today is the day that we will find out if Trump or Kasich becomes President. It WON'T be Hillary don't worry about that. The vast majority of electors are Republican, and...
  3. S

    CDZ Kasich on the rise

    The latest poll in South Carolina shows Kasich in second place. There doesn't seem to have been a national poll taken since New Hampshire but I suspect he will also move up into the runner-up spot when one is taken. Can he be a real alternative to Trump or is it too late? How do you think he...

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