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  1. ALEX23

    POLL: Do You Support Judge Jeanine Calling Obama A Terrorist On Fox News?

    Even before her entrance into politics, Judge Jeanine Pirro was fierce district attorney, garnering an impressive 100 percent conviction rate. For most of her time on television she was the subject of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” – a Judge Judyesque show. Now she’s turned to politics, and it’s...
  2. Brynmr

    Judge Jeanine trashes dirty Hillary Clinton

    And on the trash heap of history is where Hillary Clinton belongs. Judge Jeanine - Forget Fake "Scandals," USA Needs Donald Trump “There are two candidates, folks, from which to choose,” Judge Jeanine says. “Neither is perfect but I choose Donald Trump. The other side is so dangerous and so...

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