1. ding

    Bull Ring Is religion the greatest evil that has ever face humanity? RWS vs ding

    According to RWS religion is the greatest evil that has ever faced humanity. Does God want us to judge him? The purpose of this debate is to discuss the merits of this statement. RWS will debate the position that religion is the greatest evil that has ever faced humanity. ding will debate...
  2. ding

    The Messianic Idea in Judaism

    Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. I am interested in your thoughts on the Messianic idea in Judaism.
  3. Anonymous1977

    Saving Israeli/Jewish women...

    So if the Torah says that a man has the right to try to seize a woman by force and rape her and depending on how she responds her assailant and his victim may be required to marry, do Jewish or Israeli women who are under Mosaic Biblical law need to be saved...?:( -
  4. Anonymous1977

    Jesus' dishonorable behavior toward his mother

    So if Jesus in the Bible behaved dishonorably toward his mother Mary, and dishonoring your mother is against the Mosaic law, did Jesus break that law...? -
  5. Anonymous1977

    Agnostic looking for YHWH (G-d;) please pray for me

    ...I'm an agnostic looking for a learned Jewish person to teach me about the Tanach ("Old Testament") and the Talmud. Believers in the God of Israel please pray that He sends me someone fitting the description to do that... A1977 :) -
  6. Anonymous1977

    Karaite Judaism & Noah, the Prophet

    Hello or Shalom...:) Is there a learned Karaite Jew in our ranks (USMB member ranks) who can discuss YHWH's covenant made for all men, made through Noah in Genesis? Thank you for your help, A1977 -
  7. Anonymous1977

    Jewish sexism?

    Women banned from being Rabbis in Judaism...sexism or not? Top US rabbis officially ban women in rabbinic positions -
  8. September

    The evolution of spirituality and religion...

    Some people believe that Islam "stole" teachings from Christianity, or that Christianity "stole" from Judaism. Some believe Thelema "stole" from The Golden Dawn and the OTO, and that the Golden Dawn "stole" from the Jewish Kabbalah. Some even believe Abrahamism "stole" from Zoroastrianism...
  9. HaShev

    The first Transhumanists?

    Many people don’t realize who the first rationalists and humanists were. In the time of superstitious idol worshiping and many pagan deities being fabricated there stood one group of people who fought against this false devotion and supressive mind control. Raising above the status quo they were...

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