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  1. Papageorgio

    Which is better?

    Six NBA Championship series or eight straight NBA Championship series? Nine Super Bowl appearances or four Super Bowl appearances?
  2. W

    GOP lawmakers rip Dems for calling Cohen to testify

    Its time to consider finally ripping a new one on these treasonous and lawless making GOPer slime who have ties to terrorist and foreign and domestic antigovernment conspiring sleaze. These GOPer enemies against humanity are not worth the spit it would take to cuss them out. Justice needs to...
  3. D

    Two states solution is not working.

    After 2 decades of failure of the Oslo process to achieve the so called two states solution its time to realize that its not working and we need to change our plan. I am open to different ideas, Anything but the Oslo process! The Oslo process for two state solution is the politically correct...

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