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  1. Sayaras

    Trump leads Biden on Israel vs genocidal Gaza regime - Biden's gamble on Michigan's Arab Islamic voting 'uncommitted'

    It seems Biden's gamble on Arab Islamic immigrants voting 'uncommitted' in Michigan is failing so far. Trump leads Biden in: - Immigration: Trump +9 PTS. - Economy: Trump +5 PTS. - Israel-Hamas war: Trump +4 PTS. - Guns: Trump +2 PTS. Source:
  2. Sayaras

    Why do racists wear masks - racism, Arabs & attempted kidnapping of Jewish kids

    Question is rhetorical of course. All the more reason for a recent proposal to ban masks in certain vulnerable areas. London community security group shares footage of alleged attempted kidnapping of Jewish children. By Michael Starr. Published: June 18, 2024. In London, a Jewish father...
  3. Sayaras

    Arab immigration and racism: While no one vandamizes their mosques

    While CAIR islamic lobby keeps duping MSM about a fake i-slamophobia... 'Palestine' painted on Park Avenue Synagogue. 'Palestine' written on wall of one of New York's largest synagogues as city continues to reel from spate of serious antisemitic incidents last week. Gary Willig, Jun 16, 2024...
  4. Sayaras

    Sermon at Muslim Students Association MSA: "America is a cancer"

    So what's up with Biden's broke borders??? Mohammad Nusairat University Of Illinois Chicago Students At Friday Sermon: America, Democracy, Secularism Are A Cancer; Muslims Have A New, Just Way Of Life That Will Bring Tranquility To Muslims And Non-Muslims; The People Capable Of Freeing...
  5. Sayaras

    Islamist stabbing in Germany: The quiet and loud rejoicing of leftists and Muslims.

    The irony. It reminds the cheering by some "ag/progressives" to "palestine" regime mass rape and beheadings Oct/7. With or without act of as if "denying". Yesterday’s attack on the Islam-critical activist Michael Stürzenberger who is a member of the citizens’ movement Pax Europa has...
  6. Sayaras

    Arab-Muslim "asylum" seeker murders elderly a week after Oct 7 atrocities

    Again and again why uncontrolled immigration is so destructive. Especially when not vetting. _______ Ahmed Alid: القرف Moroccan asylum-seeker found guilty of murdering man in UK in revenge for Gaza. Ahmed Alid killed a 70-year-old victim after approaching him from behind, he later admitted...
  7. Sayaras

    On Radical racist genocidal Arab-Islamic rally COLUNBIA U "We want Oct 7 every day"

    1. Qatar blood money buying University seats... 2. Arab immigrants - no vetting. 3. Fetterman is more moral than many... ____________________ Biden blasts ‘alarming surge of antisemitism’ amid anti-Israel protests at Columbia. Hillel urges Jewish students not to leave after rabbi tells...
  8. FDR_Reagan

    Is she an "(i)lslamophobe"? / expressing wide believe?

    Excerpt: Chris Froome's wife Michelle labels Muslims 'a drain on society' and insists 'there are no innocent Gazans' in a shocking social media tirade. The posts came after "activist" called for protests against Israel-Premier Tech..... The wife and agent of four-time Tour de France winner...
  9. TroglocratsRdumb

    Dearborn hate rally At an International Al-Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan, held on April 5, 2024 and streamed live on on Facebook, protesters chanted: “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” “We live...
  10. FDR_Reagan

    Was it with or w/o Allah Akbar? [Mohammed Abdulkareem]

    Mohammed Abdulkareem, __ In other news.. Immigration surges to top concern for Americans, new poll finds Chart: Gallup With President Biden and former President Trump making to the southwest border on Thursday, new data shows the issue is rising among voters...
  11. FDR_Reagan

    UK: Islamist chemical attacker - also sex offender (+Taqyyia claiming he's "christian")

    The Islamist chemical attacker - also sex offender Abdul Shokoor Ezedi - Muslim immigrant who lied using Taqyyia as he was "Christian".. Sex crimes and murderous attack - this combination aounds like a pAlEStInE type "freedom fighting." Clapham attack suspect Abdul Ezedi convicted of sex...
  12. Sayaras

    Islamization alert: Bomb in Sweden

    If you think it's ot related to Arab Islamic immigration - Eurabia? Think again. .__ Bomb found near Israeli embassy in Sweden. The national bomb squad was dispatched to investigate. (January 31, 2024 / JNS) An apparent explosive device was found on Wednesday near the Israeli embassy in...
  13. Sayaras

    50 on Islamic terror watchlist caught amid Biden border invasion

    Asides from tightening borders. Serious vetting needs to be in place too. ÷÷÷ "50 on terror watchlist caught amid Biden border invasion,” by Sara Higdon, Post Millennial, January 27, 2024:

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