1. toobfreak

    IRS Revealed Complicit In Keeping Cost of Tax Filing High

    In a recent lawsuit, the IRS was forced to release internal emails which showed that for years, they have been complicit in working with the tax-filing industry to assure them they would not introduce anything which would make it easier or cheaper for taxpayers to file a tax return so as to not...
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Howard Stern Beats Lawsuit Over Airing of IRS Agent's Call With Taxpayer

    Howard Stern Beats Lawsuit Over Airing of I.R.S. Agent's Call With Taxpayer From the article: "the U.S. government argued it had sovereign immunity under the "tax exception" to the Federal Tort Claims Act. Meaning, that it couldn't be held liable for actions, even wrongful ones, made by a...
  3. P@triot

    The U.S. Tax Code

    It's so tragic that the parasite class (liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc.) feel that they have a right to take what other people have earned. You have to be sick, callous, and really greedy to find current tax rates acceptable. You have to be even worse to find the "death tax" acceptable...
  4. P@triot

    IRS: "It's not our job to help stop fraud"

    When you see stuff like this, you can't help but laugh at the pro-big government liberal crowd. The waste, fraud, and abuse is never ending. And even when they are aware of the situation, the incredibly lazy people in the federal government just declare "it's not my job". The agency’s...
  5. Anonymous1977

    Did you know that Khalid Abdul Muhammad (the late Black activist) admited to lying about...?

    Here is a video that I wanted to post for educational purposes. I am not trying to injure anyone, nor stir up animosity or negativity; the reason for posting this is to expose some knowledge. But in this video, at 1:06:40, Khalid Abdul Muhammad the former Nation of Islam Representative and...

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