iran nuclear deal

  1. Slade3200

    Iran Deal: Funding Terrorists or Improving Diplomacy

    The Right is tearing this Iran deal apart. The Left defends the attempt to progress diplomatic relations with Iran and prevent the development of Nuclear weapons. Now that the sanctions have been lifted and Iran has access to $100 Billion there is a media uproar. The squakers are inaccurately...
  2. D

    President, Admit the Obvious on Iran Deal

    The Iran agreement achieves nothing of what the president said we expected out of an agreement. In fact, it achieves the opposite. That is, it makes it much more difficult if not impossible to eliminate the Iran nuclear program through military means which has always been the fail safe position...
  3. depotoo

    Iran Gets To Inspect & Report on Own Nuclear Site

    AP Exclusive: UN to Let Iran Inspect Alleged Nuke Work Site AP Exclusive: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site If you are a Dem and find this as ludicrous as others do, please contact your Congressmen and let them know you want them to vote no on this deal. VIENNA (AP) — Iran will...

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