1. S

    United States Innovation and Competition Act

    United States Innovation and Competition Act: I'm among the proponents of the improved Import certificate policy described in Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. Regarding the Senates' bipartisan passed Chips act, I won't speculate if Import Certificate policy were currently in effect...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    The Cartels are Busy in Russia.

    Seems the Cartels are busy in Russia now. In January of this year, police and customs officials discovered 50 kilograms of cocaine in a shipping container with bananas from Ecuador, while in August 2016, customs officials seized more than 21 kilograms of cocaine from the country in a container...
  3. basquebromance

    President Trump announces new tariffs: 25% for steel, 10% for aluminum

    he just fullfilled another campaign promise!
  4. S

    Import Certificates Vs. Tariffs

    Import Certificates Vs. Tariffs: I’m a proponent of USA could adopt an Import Tariff policy as described in the Wikipedia article entitled “Import Certificates”. Refer to: The subject of tariffs often arises within discussions of Import...

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