1. S

    Prosecution of Nazi war crimes.

    Allied and other nation’s prosecution of Nazi war crime” or crimes against humanity after the Germany’s surrender. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Transcribed excerpts from the thread “How trade deficits reduce their nation’s annual GDPs and numbers of jobs”...
  2. MindWars

    Russian Insider Warns Fate Of All Humanity At Stake With US Election As Mike Pence Talks Revolution

    In the 2nd video below featuring a Russian friend of Vladimir Putin, we're warned direly that the current US presidential election has left the fate of all humanity at stake. Telling us that Hillary Clinton shouldn't even be managing a bath house much less running for presidential election...
  3. ForeverYoung436

    Of Kings and Prophets

    For those of you who doubt that the Judaic people are the native people of Israel/Palestine, please watch the new miniseries on ABC, Tuesday nights, about King David. That should put to rest the myth that the Arabs are the indigenous people over there. It should also be a good history lesson...

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