1. Conviction

    Should we impose intellectual and integrity requirements to our high power elected officials?

    After years of watching political debates ive noticed how we as a nation choose our officials. The ones who talk best and have the most money or best financial backing will most likely win. The promises of their campaigns left unfulfilled. We wonder and worry over their intentions and are left...
  2. ding

    Honest men and women can have honest differences of opinion...

    Hey Everyone, My name is ding and I believe that honest men and women can have honest differences of opinion without having to act like jerks to each other. I believe that growth filled communities should explore all sides of an issue to arrive at objective truth.
  3. Peony

    Hillary’s Basket of Lying Squirrel Nuts

    It’s difficult not to notice a pattern of information chicanery going on during this election. Whenever something happens to Hillary, we’re told, look! Squirrel! Reponses to questions about Hillary change with the wind, and sometimes as often as with every breath. Bill says Hillary has had...

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