1. DOTR

    Slippery slope?

    Maybe there is a reason human societies outlaw homosexual activity?
  2. DOTR

    Russia did this?

    Take a look at this incredibly granular and zoomable map of the election. (it even has a 3D button) Note that Hillary won The Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Upper East and West Sides, Silicon Valley and most of the other wealthy areas. She overwhelmingly won the areas where ruling elites congregate...
  3. O

    George Washington NOT a homophobe

    You saw that right! Even the HuffPost says so: The Gay Man Who Saved The American Revolution | HuffPost Puts a bit of a dent in the whole "the founders were all homophobes" argument doesn't it?
  4. P@triot

    Homosexuals continues to engage in horrific crimes

    This is a chilling reality that continues to happen on a regular basis. These mentally disturbed individuals - who can't figure out or come to grips with their sexuality - continue to make false accusations of "hate crimes". Thank God these people are being caught as the disturbed liars that...
  5. P@triot

    Homosexuals continue to commit heinous hate crimes

    It's funny - we here liberals talking 24x7 about their "safe space". About how they don't want to hear or see things that offend them. But as is always the case - they refuse to extend to others what they want for themselves. We all have the basic Constitutional right not to be forced into a...

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