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homeland security

  1. toobfreak

    Lt. Gov. Habib Insulted We Are Giving Iranians Extra Scrutiny?

    If a mass murderer had escaped in a pink car and you were stopped at a check point because you too were driving a pink car, wouldn't you be happy to cooperate with authorities glad that they were working to keep people safe? NOT SO the Lt. Governor of Washington State, Cyrus Habib, who just...
  2. Divine Wind

    Three homeland security lessons from Charlottesville

    Three insightful homeland security lessons from Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security. He points out the great strides in protecting our nation from foreign threats, but, as the riot in Charlottesville revealed, we still need work on domestic terrorism security. Three...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Mexican man charged trying to smuggle $689,506.00 out of US

    Mexican man charged trying to smuggle nearly $700G out of US A Mexican man was arrested at an international bridge in El Paso, Texas, Sunday night after trying to cross the border with $689,506. The man was traveling from El Paso to Juarez when Customs and Border Protection agents asked if...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    (Former) Sheriff David Clarke officially joins Homeland Security! #MAGA!

    Controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says he is joining Trump administration Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced Wednesday afternoon that he would be taking a position in the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke met with President Trump back in November and was...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Pres. Trump considering WI Sheriff, David Clarke, for a position at Dept. of Homeland Security

    White House eyeing Clarke for Homeland Security post The White House is considering David Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for a position at the Department of Homeland Security, three people familiar with the administration’s planning told POLITICO. Clarke is in line to be...

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