1. FDR_Reagan

    Lies and more lies about Arabs supposedly welcoming Jews

    PALLYWOOD This fake take was contributed to Days of Palestine by: Mustajab Zehra Dhoki. Who can forget the Holocaust of Jews? In 1933 when Hitler the German Christian took over the oath as the General of Germany , he murdered thousands of Jews living in Germany and Eastern Europe, total...
  2. Pastelli

    FACES: Non-Aryan Nazi Arab Hitler's guys

    A CARTOON IN WW2 The MUFTI Mohammed (Haj) Amin al-Husseini (Arabic: محمد أمين الحسيني[ (c. 1897 -1974) _____ Jamal Husseini (1883-1982) In 1939 Jamal ordered 10 copies of Mein Kampf link. With the Nufti, had founded the Hitler Youth modeled Futuwwa link. Worked with the Mufti, and at...
  3. Mark Richard

    19 Thanksgiving project video on YouTube in Spotify

    The 1619 Thanksgiving Project There's a lot more to the story than what the average person knows. But of these perspectives, does it unite or divide?
  4. Mark Richard

    Human nature and the correlation with history

    Do you ever consider the human nature of people throughout history starting from yesterday and beyond?
  5. Pastelli

    'Nie wieder ist Jetzt' - “Never again is now” – Brandenburg Gate is illuminated

    Nie wieder ist Jetzt “Never again is now” – Brandenburg Gate is illuminated As of: November 9, 2023 | Reading time: 5 minutes A Star of David and the words “Never again is now” shine on the Brandenburg Gate. On the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a clear message could be seen on the...
  6. Mark Richard

    African king Budamel

    If this isn't an African history video that I post, I give up trying to post. Seems like it keeps posting an earlier video on Islam in history. But if this post is correct then it's a history in the African region during the 15th century
  7. Mark Richard

    Christopher Columbus is a ****?

    What do you think of this objective view of history? Is it driven by dogma or objective analysis? They didn't teach you like this in school.
  8. Mark Richard

    How to find a wife (history of women and marriage)

    How were wives obtained in history? How is this documentary? Do you think it was easier in history to find a wife? Do you think it was easier for men or women in history for marriage and then after?
  9. Tom Paine 1949

    The Taliban Comes Home to Roost; U.S. Militarist Foreign Policy a Disaster

    The Washington Post reports that the Taliban has entered Kabul through four gates to the city, The Afghan “President” is rumored to have fled the country, and the government has apparently collapsed. Twenty years of imperial American intervention lies in ruin. As sad as this will be for those...
  10. Robert Urbanek

    The show must go on . . . or not

    In a recent dream, I am backstage in a Broadway theater where the shows are becoming more lavish and professional, but the staff feels under pressure. I see two or three racks of costumes. I then see an actor wandering about. He is from a show that ended a long time ago. I look out at the...
  11. WarmPotato

    Joseph Stalin Had a 13 Year Old Child Bride

    He was 36 years old when he began a sexual relationship with 13 year old Lidia Pereprygina. He impregnated her and the baby died. When she fell pregnant again, he ran away and left her to raise the child alone. Lidia was not the only victim. According to various testimonies from the book Young...
  12. deanrd

    Republicans who retire, seems they are the only ones who dare criticize Trump

    Corker, Flake, seems only Republicans who are retiring will criticize Trump. Why is that? Why bother? Are they trying to be on the right side of history?
  13. A

    Racial self-perceptions of whites compared to Asians

    (So I am the only one that has posted about Asian race issues???) Honestly of all racial groups, I find these two contest the most, especially these days as Asians are starting to climb the ladder of success at a rapid rate. Whites for obvious reasons (colonialism, being the majority and...
  14. Dan Stubbs

    The U.S and Mexico at war. 1916

    Just a little thought about the US and Mexico. On March 9, 1916, a small band of revolutionaries led by Francisco “Pancho” Villa invaded Columbus, New Mexico. After Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico, President Woodrow Wilson sent troops to the border – and into...
  15. AveryJarhman

    Matthew Alper, 'The "God" Part of the Brain'

    #TheLargerIssue #Fatherlessness #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions Beginning at 10:58 Matthew Alper, author of 'The "God" Part of the Brain', and my favorite radio personality, the late Art Bell, discuss people's beliefs in God or Gods. I am curious to learn if fellow USMB...
  16. TheProgressivePatriot

    Democrats Are No Longer the Racist Party – If They Ever Really Were

    Few things annoy me more than when people who want to stick a thumb in the eye of Democrats resort to tactics such as pointing out they founded the Ku Klux Klan or pushed through Jim Crow laws following the Civil War. The intent seems to be to draw attention away from the party that harbors the...
  17. Balancer

    USSR-Russia. 1988-2018. Timeline.

    Over the past 30 years, Russia has gone through a very difficult path. Few people imagine this process. And not only in the West, but many people forget this already in Russia itself. Also, very many people who knew Russia only in the 1990s, judge it for that period. In this topic, I'll try to...
  18. midcan5

    'The Herd Instinct'

    In the link below there is a photograph of Trump followers at a rally in Newtown PA, Newtown is an affluent white suburb of Philly. We have been there often. But seeing those faces should make a person wonder, if not shudder. Well dressed women crying over a man who is an empty shell outside...
  19. P@triot

    The evidence continues to pile up - how will atheists continue to deny it?

    It's getting harder and harder for atheists to keep their primitive views as archeology, science, and technology converge to prove the Bible was accurate... Whoa, Bethsaida! Archaeologists May Have Found Peter’s Home Town | The Stream
  20. zjjonathanjacobson

    Research: THE GUNS OF AUGUST

    I am a Cold War historian in the middle of a research project. I am looking for veterans of the American military, any service, any arena who served any time between 1962-64. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My question is a bit obscure. I was...
  21. zjjonathanjacobson

    Hello, research...

    I am a Cold War historian in the middle of a research project. I am looking for veterans of the American military, any service, any arena who served any time between 1962-64. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My question is a bit obscure. I was...
  22. Cellblock2429

    Any of you kids know what this date in History honors? June 6th

    Any clue at all? Here's a hint.
  23. American_Jihad

    Don’t Trust the CBO’s Numbers

    Yep, "Now" the dark state is everywhere and needs to be rooted out... Don’t Trust the CBO’s Numbers By Alan Reynolds This article was first published in the Wall Street Journal, August 30, 2001. The Congressional Budget Office is right where it likes to be — in the news. First reports of its...
  24. Kalopin

    ...another version...

    Hello, What I have is a very long story, with many years work and many lessons learned, that may be helpful when studying past events... This is another version, through my research... [It is not my intention to offend or upset, only to correct a great amount of misunderstood science...
  25. W

    Steve Bannon & the Fourth Turning

    Will this drive politics in the Trump administration?... Revealed: Steve Bannon 'is obsessed with a book arguing institutions are destroyed and rebuilt every 80 years' Feb. 2, 2017 - Trump's chief strategist was fascinated by a book called The Fourth Turning; William Strauss and Neil Howe...
  26. HenryWallace

    Founding of the Federal Reserve

    I am reading "America's Bank, The epic Struggle to create the Fed" by Roger Lowenstein. I really appreciate the book's explanation of technical banking concepts and references to modern day parallels throughout. The long and winding road of the legislation is a great tale for history buffs in...
  27. C

    Trump 48 Hours w/ Donald Trump

    The last 48 hours with President-elect Donald Trump has been interesting to say the least! I have trolled his Twitter page since Friday and am now ready to dish out what has happened and what I think about it! Visit my webpage and read my article to find out. Chacehowland20.wordpress.com
  28. C

    48 Hours with Donald Trump!

    The last 48 hours with President-elect Donald Trump have been interesting to say the least! I have trolled his twitter since Friday night and am ready to dish out what has happened and what I think about it! Chacehowland20.wordpress.com
  29. American_Jihad

    Apologists For Islam And History

    Obama, story telling again... Apologists For Islam And History Once again, Obama skips over a few important details. March 24, 2016 Hugh Fitzgerald Apologists for Islam are a varied bunch – some reveal ignorance, others deploy deliberate taqiyya – but all play fast and loose with history...
  30. L

    Iraq sunni cities: unprecedented news deception in History of Genocide and War

    Large cities "liberated" by the IV Reich in Syria: Homs. Al-Qusayr was the first one but considerably smaller. As for Iraq: Sunni majority cities in Iraq: Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, Ramadi: two milestones in extreme media deception in the History of Genocide and War Feb 2016: "Liberation by the...

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