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  1. Ikester8236jr

    Hello i'm Ike

    My name is Izaak Edmund Krieger-Coen. I was born August 13th 1992 in Burlington, Iowa. I'm 28 years old, 5ft 11in tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and athletic. I'm straight, single, and a right wing Democrat. I love sports and having a good time. My favorite things to do are gaming and playing...
  2. HaShev

    History channel on Robotics discusses the Jewish Folk Lore of the Golem

    Golem was an animation(come to life) of an amorphous, (unformed material) in Psalms. History channel on Robotics agrees with my commentary of how this describes robotics as I described months ago from a piece I wrote years ago, how unformed material from the clay/ground can form an animated...
  3. HaShev

    Luke's Rachel Maddow style connect the dots makes Fools of History Channel

    The History channels special on the Search for the DNA of Jesus is so full of mistakes and false assertions that it's extremely comical. One major false claim is that by finding the DNA of John the Baptist they will have the DNA lineage of Jesus claiming them as cousins. So research why they...
  4. Debra K

    History Channel: The Vikings

    Season 4 starts this evening. Anyone else following the series? At the end of last season (April 2015), the vikings engaged in the siege of Paris, finally ransacked the place, and Ragnar learned that Loki killed Athelstan. I have to hold my hand over my eyes when the gory battles are waged...

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