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    about captured five Russian hacker

    "There is a major chase in progress," said Andrei Soldatov, a specialist on the Russian security administrations and co-writer of "Red Web," a book about Russian endeavors to control the web. He said the current burst of captures made it resemble the U.S. was "attempting to comprehend what's new...
  2. M

    Hillary Clinton quote shirt

    how do you think these shirts look, get one now if your interested. NEED FEEDBACK.. HILLARY CLINTON QUOTE SHIRT
  3. Z

    Social Media Study

    I am conducting a study to understand the relationship between the representation of political discourse on social media and concrete political action such as voter turnout, campaign donations, and canvasing. My father always told me that people vote in the booth only a few times a year, but...
  4. C

    Who'd you vote for?

    I want to hear who you voted for and why! Rant away! I'm a psychology and athropology major and I've created a survey about this crazy a$$ election. Don't worry, it's only two questions and completely anonymous. Please be as candid as possible- I WANT to hear your passionate reasoning. Thanks...
  5. G

    Do women get paid less than men because...

    There have been Hilary Clinton commercials saying women get paid less than men when doing the same job. Is the reason for this that women might need extra leave time for health issues like, PMS, pregnancy, etc.?
  6. Compost

    HiIlary explains Lie

    Hillary Says She Lied to Benghazi Families Due to "Fog of War"... DONALD TRUMP Responds - The Gateway Pundit See, here's the deal. She told a whopper to grieving families about how their loved ones died due to the "FOG of War". Well now. Is this really the sort of person we need as Commander...

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