grand jury

  1. deanrd

    Since the Mueller investigation is over, shouldn’t the other court cases stop?

    So I’m watching Rachel Maddow. She was talking about a Mueller continuing case that involves a foreign country, the identity of which is being kept secret. So the lawyer asked the judge why the case is continuing if the Mueller case is closed. And the judge asked the prosecutors, that’s a...
  2. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Grand jury hears evidence in Dallas police officer shooting of black neighbor

    I'm not holding out much hope. Grand jury hears evidence in Dallas police officer shooting of black neighbor Nov. 26, 2018 / 10:58 AM PST By Associated Press DALLAS — A grand jury has started hearing evidence in the case of a former Dallas police officer who fatally shot her unarmed black...
  3. Dan Stubbs

    Look for a Changed Course next in attacks on Trump.

    From what I have found in the news cycles it does seem that the fakers are finding a new and retread of old news into new new. Hard to read but the truth as I see it. Soros plans now to concentrate on smaller, more local politics around the country. All politics is local, a saying credited...
  4. deanrd

    Do you understand why Trump Sr, Trump Jr, Eric, Jared and Ivanka haven't been subpoenaed?

    This investigation has gone on way less time then White Water, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary's server and other failed GOP crusades against respected Democrats and other respected people that aren't trying to destroy American democracy the way Russian minions are. There have been nearly...
  5. protectionist

    Hillary Attempts Plea Deal - Trump Prosecutors Reject It

    Hillary Clinton, trying to avoid spending the rest of her life in a federal prison, has requested a reduced sentence, from federal prosecutors, in exchange for a full confession regarding her illegal emails. The plea deal fell on deaf ears to Trump prosecutors intent on throwing the book at...

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