government corruption

  1. P@triot

    The Clinton Corruption Machine Unraveling

    Thank God for Judicial Watch and the work they do. This is indisputable proof that Bill Clinton pulled favors to have the government cover up evidence. FBI reveals existence of documents related to Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting after they tried to hide them
  2. P@triot

    Former SEAL: Take Down The Pedophile Elite

    There are far too many sexual predators working in the U.S. government. That needs to end. Thankful for people like U.S. Navy Seal Chris Sawyer here and their efforts to expose those people.
  3. DonaldFG

    CDZ Third Way Democrats and their Republican Friends

    In one of the worst strategic political mistakes ever made, elite leaders in the Democratic Party came up with something called the Third Way of politics. (The Democrats' 'Third Way' Quarrel Could Change Your Future) The idea was that they believed they had to merge their policies with the...
  4. P

    Federal Lawsuit: Government Corruption in Arizona's Pinal County Court Clerk’s Office

    Clerks criminally interfere in the judicial proceeding of an open civil case under the dark shadow of criminal activity. Apache Junction, Arizona A recent survey by California's Chapman University found that Americans' greatest fear is GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION. On November 10, 2015 a 42 U.S.C...

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