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    CDZ How two governors slashed budget by 50% and still achieve more than his predecessors

    This is not a possibility. It's actually done. About 7 years ago, Jokowi and Ahok became governor in Jakarta. We've heard about Jokowi being the best major in some small town called Solo. He later went on becoming the president of Indonesia. Some say his sidekick, Ahok, is even better than...
  2. P@triot

    Government employees

    Sorry Officer Manuel Torres, but you are 100% wrong. While nobody fully supports a private citizen on private property denying anyone service for any reason more than I do, when you take a position working for the government, you surrender your beliefs and constitutional rights while on the job...
  3. P@triot

    And to think that progressives believe government is their savior

    The amount of waste, fraud, and abuse in government is astounding and far exceeds anything ever witnessed in corporate America. If any corporation was guilty of a billionth of the fraud that the government is, progressives would be rioting in the streets... In 2013, Maximus, a Virginia-based...
  4. Compost

    Why NOT Empower IG?

    For a government to maintain the appearance of accountability and transparency, surely allowing Investigator Generals access to more information is a good thing. So why is Reid fighting it? Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid refuses to say why for months he has blocked a bipartisan...

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