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global warming controversy

  1. polarbear

    Lunar eclipse data shows 1/2 of GW caused by variation of Volcanic Aerosol optical thickness

    Source: Overlaying this graph with all these exaggerated graphs for temperature "anomalies" pops the CO2 hot-air balloon. Have as much of a nice day as is possible during this "warm" winter :bye1:
  2. BuckToothMoron

    Pioneer Huricane forecaster, climate change critic dies

    Those interested in the climate change debate have lost a champion for the truth. Hurricane forecast pioneer, climate change critic dies at 86 - The Denver Post, 2016-04-18
  3. washamericom

    Climate Change Consensus Is Virtually Unanimous:

    bernie said at a town meeting in morrisvile "you have all the scientists on one side, and rush limbaugh on the other" that's what i mean by cooking the story for political expediency. when there is a unanimous opinion supported empirically, the scientists will stop arguing about it. it's a...

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