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  1. O

    George Washington NOT a homophobe

    You saw that right! Even the HuffPost says so: The Gay Man Who Saved The American Revolution | HuffPost Puts a bit of a dent in the whole "the founders were all homophobes" argument doesn't it?
  2. P@triot

    The Founders on Religion

    Correction yet another left-wing false narrative. This time it is the lie that the founders wanted to build a "secular nation" in which the government was "free from religion". "And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be...
  3. Maggdy

    George Washington cult of personality

    I'm sorry it the majority of the information is to read only in Hungarian. There is a veteran of the Hungarian-language newspaper in the US. I do not like this newspaper, because it is very extreme, but the leftmost. The history: "Tihamér Kohányi was born in 1863 in Saros, Hungary. He became an...

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