gay marriage

  1. toobfreak

    China Upholds The Integrity of Marriage Ahead of the USA

    China in a surprise move while acknowledging homosexual relationships, shames the United States by holding fast that marriage is an act between a MAN and a WOMAN and two people of the same sex may be a couple, but do not form a MARRIAGE. China's parliament rules out allowing same-sex marriage -...
  2. Compost

    Wedding Hosts Guilty of Discrimination

    These people cannot be allowed to do what they want on their own property! They must be punished and re educated. NY Court: Farmers to Be Re-Educated, Pay Fines for Not Hosting Homosexual Wedding A couple who hosts occasional wedding ceremonies on their New York farm have lost an appeal to...
  3. Weatherman2020

    No Gay Marriage on Tribal Lands

    Homosexual marriage is not legal in Indian reservations. News from The Associated Press

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