gavin mcinnis

  1. cnelsen

    Any white person who doesn’t have a problem with being white is a Nazi who deserves a beating

    Q: What do Richard Spencer, Gavin McInnes, and I have in common? A: We’re all Nazis—at least according to the “anti-fascist” psychopaths who’ve physically attacked us on the streets. (Gavin and I fought back—Richard didn’t even have the opportunity, because his assailant fled immediately after...
  2. cnelsen

    Men having their genitalia cut off and fed to them, pregnant women being disemboweled

    After Trump won, the world lost they gawdamned minds. Many of us were naive enough to think it would go like the World Series where you accept your team didn’t make it and get on with your life. Trump’s victory led to all kinds of denial including millions of people convinced they could overturn...

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