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  1. P@triot

    Question for libertarians

    Now that Gary Johnson has firmly established himself as a half-baked bonafide nitwit (he can't name leaders of foreign nations, he sticks his tongue out at members of the media interviewing him, he doesn't brush his hair before going on national television, etc.), would any of you Gary Johnson...
  2. P@triot

    2016 Election

    This right here is one of the two reasons that I cannot get onboard with the libertarians (the other being their astoundingly stupid approach to defense). Gary Johnson's brain is completley and totally fried from decades of marijuana. Last week he was sticking out his tongue to an interviewer...
  3. LibertyThunder

    Media unreasonably attack Gary Johnson over “Favorite Leader” Question

    “Aleppo Moment” attacks catastrophizing Gary Johnson’s intellect already underway. Next thing you know, everyone will be saying he can't even name any leader at all, much less one that has views similiar to his that he respects. Media unreasonably attack Gary Johnson over "Favorite Leader" Question
  4. LibertyThunder

    Study suggests political posts on social media is useless

    The Rantic study allegedly polled 10,000 Facebook users and categorized them as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. They did not list Libertarians for some reason, but maybe because that category isn't really experiencing those kind of problems on social media? Anyone experiencing crap on...
  5. LibertyThunder

    Melissa Joan Hart Endorses Gary Johnson After Watching Online Video

    I remember Melissa Joan Hart the most as Sabrina in the Teenage Witch. But you may know her from other roles as Melissa describes on Twitter, “You may know me as Clarissa or Sabrina or Mel from Melissa& Joey on ABC Family but my 3 boys Mason, Brady & Tucker call me Mommy! Thats my favorite role...
  6. JD Case

    Johnson Thoughts on the election?

    I'm conducting a survey on the Presidential election and am looking for more Gary Johnson supporters' opinions. If you have 5 minutes available, please follow the link below. You can also request to have the results emailed to you, if you'd like. Thanks! Here's the link to my survey.
  7. LibertyThunder

    NEW POLL: Johnson Rises To 1st Place With Young Voters, Trump Last

    Young Voters Favoring Gary Johnson - The Libertarian Republic

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