1. greatgardener

    How to get or make your own wood chip mulch - Steps

    Hello friends, 2 options for getting free or cheap ramial chipped wood. I do that in my garden. Steps ---> Get or make wood chip mulch Comments?
  2. greatgardener

    Cold Stratification Method - Germinating seeds in refrigerator Steps

    Hello, I use this technique to germinate my perennials seeds (simulate cold in the nature). I got pictures during the process. Stesp ---> Cold stratification method Comments?
  3. greatgardener

    Sheet Mulching Method - Steps

    Hello, It's my method for landscaping my front yard. Detailed illustrations and steps Steps ----> How to sheet mulch
  4. greatgardener

    Front Yard Without Grass - My Project

    Hello, I turned my front yard into a garden without grass. I got many pictures during the process. Steps ---> My new front yard garden List of materials:

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