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    Do you know any TV shows about real scams?

    Do you know any TV shows describing real confidence tricks, distraction scams, frauds etc.? Something similar to the British TV series The Real Hustle - The Real Hustle - Wikipedia? I personally am very interested in such shows :)
  2. SYTFE

    Ex-Breitbart Reporter Claims He Planted ‘Headline-Grabbing’ Hecklers at Clinton Rallies

    I'd like to say that I'm surprised, but nothing surprises me about the frauds over at Breitbart. I also didn't realize that Alex Jones was offering $5,000 to listeners....interesting. -------------------------- During the campaign, one sub-story that developed revolved around hecklers that...
  3. SYTFE

    Breitbart Lying About Amount Of Site Traffic

    Check this out, the lying degenerate frauds over at Breitbart claim to be able to get your ads in front of "45 million" people. But, according to, which analyzes site traffic across the web, it turns out that they're only getting about 11 million unique visitors a month. BUSTED!

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