1. Litwin

    Belarusians made Viking film for 2000$, what do you think? chances on USA media market?

    Belarusians made Viking film for 2000$, what do you think, chances on USA media market?
  2. Litwin

    Heavy security for love story of Russia's 'holy tsar' and teenage ballerina

    what do think about this LOL , story ? sound like 16c in Europe? Why Muscovy is so backward empire ? " A film about Russia’s last tsar has had its first screening amid heavy security after attacks on a cinema and a film studio by religious extremists determined to prevent its release...
  3. American_Jihad

    Hate Spaces

    Hate Spaces A new film reveals a toxic bigotry on American campuses. December 9, 2016 Richard L. Cravatts ... Witnessing the increasing ferocity and incidence of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic radicalism on U.S. campuses, Jacobs and Goldwasser, from Americans For Peace and Tolerance, have now...
  4. Auld Phart

    another remake?

    Seems they are planning a remake of Splash, which originally starred Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah. The remake stars Tatum Channing and Jillian Bell. But there is a slight twist. Channing will be portraying a merman. Thoughts?
  5. Anonymous1977

    Recommend a good film

    Recommend a good film and tell which genre it's from. Also a star in it if any known... -
  6. L

    Secret Letter/Number Code used in the Media

    I'm not usually into this sort of thing that seems crazy at first, but I've been reading this website for a long time now and I think other like-minded people should check it out::clap2: The Alphabet Conspiracy: The Most Important Thing Ever To Exist, Literally It describes that there's a...

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