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  1. P@triot

    The Cyber Threat

    For the past 10 years, the federal government has been desperate to pass all kinds of legislation around "cyber warfare", expanding their powers (shocking, they want to expand their powers). They consistently cite how we don't ask corporations to defend national borders so we shouldn't ask them...
  2. Centrista

    Official USMB Shutdown Showdown Thread --- Week of Jan 14th, 2019

    The estimate was not intended to become public. It was just leaked. Their previous estimate was 0.1% every two weeks. "The Trump administration now estimates that the cost of the government shutdown will be twice as steep as originally forecast. The original estimate that the partial shutdown...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Lesbian Couples Sues Government For Inability To Foster Refugee Child

    There is something rotten in Texas. There are Children in need of homes and these women are ready, willing and able to prove one, but are not being allowed to do so. They wanted care for an older children who are hard to place. In addition, of the women is an attorney with an expertise in...
  4. P@triot

    This ‘Endangered Species’ Story Was Government-Sponsored Fake News

    This is what happens when the federal government steps outside of its constitutional authority. Waste. Fraud. Abuse. Ineptitude. Corruption. So it took them 30 years and $670,000 of tax payers money for them to acknowledge they were "fixing" a problem that never existed. This ‘Endangered...
  5. P@triot

    Time for President Trump to call in the National Guard

    Since all of these Dumbocrat domestic terrorists are egregiously violating constitutional federal law - it's time for President Trump to send in the National Guard and remove all of these people from power. Then ship them off to Guantanamo Bay where they belong (thank goodness Obama didn't shut...
  6. P@triot

    The U.S. government still doesn't get it

    They are shelling out almost $1 billion dollars to a company which couldn't secure a .txt file from the average 9 year old. For that kind of money, they could easily develop their own platform which would not only be super secure (if built from the ground up with a focus on security) but also be...
  7. MindWars

    Government pension plans are headed for disaster

    Lawmakers raid funds for themselves The combined debt held by U.S. public pension plans will top $1.7 trillion next year, according to a just-released report from Moody’s Investors Services. This “pension tsunami” has already forced towns like Stockton, California and Detroit, Michigan into...
  8. P@triot

    The inept and corrupt federal government

    The federal government has reached levels of ineptitude and corruption the likes of which have never been seen before by man. They are nearly $20 trillion in debt, have far exceeded the 18 enumerated powers they were authorized to oversee, and are now oppressing the very people they are supposed...
  9. P@triot

    Your hard earned tax dollars at work

    The waste, fraud, and abuse at the federal level has reached nauseating levels. This has to stop. Government Agency Spent Millions on PR Campaign
  10. P@triot

    Federal government compromises critical database

    Just when I thought the federal government couldn't possibly get any more incompetent - they go and prove me wrong. They can't even illegally spy on the American people without screwing it up and handing over their database to foreign nations. Idiots. And of course, nobody will be brought up on...

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