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fast food

  1. Frankenvoter

    McFecal matter on touchscreens

    Survey finds fecal matter on every McDonald's touchscreen it tested Mmmmmmmm, makes me want to go to McDonalds. Now of course I expect them to blow it off and say something like "these types of things have always been there, every doorknob you touch, every faucet handle or touchscreen". While...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    America Has a Health Crisis and This is a Big Part of the Reason Why

    A serious question for all. Is how you feel about what you eat important or is it just about getting the most immediate gratification ? I'm sure that this sort of thing is tasty- fat , salt, cheese, meat...yum. But how do you feel AFTER eating this stuff? I for one would feel like I had a...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Robotic chefs will eventually completely replace fast food chefs.

    If these robot arms can cook with the skill of a Master Chef winner, imagine how quickly they will be able to replace burger flippers. It also probably won't be too long before AI can replace drive thru staff as well. Innovation and automation are inevitable. Anyone who is still clinging to a...

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