1. J

    MSM - Fake News - Romaine Lettuce - Thanksgiving Caesar Salad

    MSM - Fake News - Romaine Lettuce - Thanksgiving Caesar Salad If people seriously believe the MSM is Fake News, why would they believe and how would they know about the Romaine Lettuce Dossier I wonder how many people who support Trump or others who attack the msm, have the courage of their...
  2. Eaglewings

    Russian Fake News Bots are Still a Nightmare Hack of our Social Media Spread Across the Internet

    Twitter Executives were in DC in a closed Russian hacking committee hearing yesterday.. Study: Twitter users shared more 'junk news' than real stories during the 2016 election Researchers found that voters on Twitter shared large amounts of content linked to Russia, Wikileaks and other “junk...
  3. Eaglewings

    The FBI-led investigation is focused on Russia’s use of social media “bots” ( Fake News)

    The bots were apparently strategically timed computer commands, which would spread links to stories from right-wing and Russian propaganda sites all over social media. The bots could operate without any help from the sites involved, but the FBI is nevertheless exploring the possibility...
  4. Lakhota

    McCain: "Dictators Start By Suppressing Media"

    McCain On Trump Declaring The Media An Enemy: "That's How Dictators Get Started" Republican Senator Arizona Senator told NBC News in a clip released Saturday (above) that President Donald Trump's most recent attack on the media is an example of "how dictators get started." Chuck Todd, host of...
  5. Eaglewings

    10 of the more Outrageous Fake Stories of the 2016 Election...were in favor of Trump

    Please try to back off of your rude excuse. blah blah blah... Give us the story and link.. Freaken Trump was the Ring Leader of Twittering out Fake News.. 1.“Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton.” 2. When is ABC News not really ABC News? When a...

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