1. MarcATL

    Proven Corrupt Liar, Kentucky A.G. Cameron, Has Been Putting His Thumb on the Scales of the Law in favor of Lawlessness

    As myself, and many others, have been saying all along, this corrupt bastard has been lying and trying to smear the deceased victim Breonna Taylor. All in favor for some racist anti-black narrative Behold... Daniel Cameron Defends Breonna Taylor Decision Kentucky AG Calls Out 'Celebrities...
  2. RandomPoster

    We need to stop over-reacting to the Coronavirus.

    The economy is being harmed by the Coronavirus hysteria created by the mainstream media. The virus itself will not harm our economy that much as long as we don't over-react. Most of the damage being done by the Coronavirus is being done by people talking about it and over-reacting. Contrast...
  3. Marion Morrison

    Is war imminent? MSM claims Assad used chemical weapons

    Grr, this crap makes me so mad! Every time the AP wants to crank up some war they start this "chemical attack on own people" crap! Lying AP should be prosecuted for lies. My guess is Iranian or U.S. airstrikes hit chemical weapons rebels had IF anything like this really happened at all. That...

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