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    The costs and benefits of producing or importing

    The costs and benefits of producing or importing: The expenditure formula itself only reduces or increases GDP by the nation's net trade balance which is based upon the price value of globally traded products. But there's often additional production supporting goods and services that are not...
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    Why Theology is Important

    C.S. Lewis has a unique way of explaining things in a sensible, practical manner. Theology is the science of God. Anyone who seeks to discover God will find theology useful. Theology is not God. Theology is useful in discovering God. "Theology means "the science of God," and I think any...
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    Reason and Experience tell us that there is Evidence for a Creator

    Reason and experience tell us that there is evidence for a Creator.
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    Leadership lessons from animals

    What humans can learn from animal leadership... Animals Offer Leadership Lessons to Humans December 11, 2015 - What makes a good leader? A team of psychologists, mathematicians, anthropologists and biologists came together over the past two years to find an answer to this question – by looking...

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