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  1. ChemEngineer

    Questions For Darwinists Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. – Thomas Edison How compelling some arguments can seem to be, even if they are found to be absurd on closer examination. While debate in matters...
  2. ding

    Is the universe an intelligence creating machine?

    Do you believe that given enough time and the right conditions that intelligence will eventually arise?
  3. Fort Fun Indiana

    Hominim fossil skull fills gap in human evolutionary history...

    Early hominin skull fills in “a major gap” in the fossil record – Ars Technica This extremely rare find bridges the gap between Austalopiths and the other, older fossils found in Africa. The article details some of the physical traits, like an upright faith and jaw shape. Finds like this are...
  4. Fort Fun Indiana

    The Ebola virus is evolving, and we need to pay attention.

    Is Ebola Evolving Into a More Deadly Virus? By Richard Preston 5:00 A.M. Is Ebola Evolving Into a More Deadly Virus? Excerpts: "...As the epidemic progressed, a team of researchers, led by Pardis Sabeti, a genomic scientist at Harvard and the Broad Institute, studied the genetic code of...
  5. justinacolmena

    Linnæus’ nomenclature of living things, pig latin & creationism vs. evolutionary science

    There are seven levels to the grand scientific naming scheme for life on earth. For example a human being is of: Kingdom Animalia (animals, rather than plants, fungi or protozoa etc.) Phylum Chordata (chordates: animals possessed of a spinal cord) Class Mammalia (mammals: warm-blooded animals...
  6. deanrd

    Wow, people new more about evolution in 1925 than Republicans do today!

    National Film Preservation Foundation: Fifty Million Years Ago (1925) The earth is 50 million years old? And took thousands of years to cool down? Hilarious! And the dinosaurs are terribly funny. Of course it was known what some of them looked like, they had bones. But they didn't have...
  7. AVG-JOE


    Family is not important thing. It's everything..
  8. Mousterian

    Scientists discover new DNA structure that's not a double helix

    Well, here's another box of frogs to play with... Scientists identify new ‘twisted knot’ DNA structure in human cells
  9. Fort Fun Indiana


    Doesn't this belong here as well? If those who deny it are going to post about it, this may be the place to do so, no? Many, if not most of you are implying a vast conspiracy, are you not? So, let's hear about that. Let's not litigate the truth of evolutionary theory. Let's explore how this...
  10. midcan5

    For PoliticalChic and Homeschoolers and....

    Everyone live in a bubble. Some bubbles are broad and encompassing others narrow and limited. PC and I have talked past each other often, each assuming the other is listening. We've been on usmb for years now. So this OP is for PC and her constant arguments about education and its effects. An...

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