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evergreen state college

  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Evergreen State College to punish 80 student "protesters"

    Evergreen State imposes punishments on 80 protesters The Evergreen State College has sanctioned about 80 protesters who disrupted school activities, held administrators hostage, and harassed Professor Bret Weinstein this spring. According to The Olympian, the school made the decision after...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    A second Evergreen State College Professor has come out in support of Professor Bret Weinstein

    A Second Evergreen Professor Speaks Out The site's explanation for publishing this email: This blog post contains the text of an email sent out on June 1 by Mike Paros, a professor of biology and veterinary medicine at Evergreen State College. So far, Paros is the only faculty member at...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Evergreen State College Professor, Bret Weinstein, is now live on Joe Rogan Experience

    In case you're not up to speed on what's going on, here are some good explanations about the Black/liberal Nazi students at Evergreen State College: Well, if liberals can have blacks-only graduation at Harvard and a day without White people at Evergreen State College, segregation should be...
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Evergreen State College liberals are outraged that their racism was posted online for world to see.

    Students Furious Over Release Of Video Depicting Them Going Berserk At College Activists are not pleased that the embarrassing video can now be seen by the world on the internet, and they they are demanding that the “stolen” document be “taken down” by this Friday. “We demand that the video...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Outraged liberals call for professor to resign after he speaks out against segregation

    Students Demand Professor's Head After He Speaks Against Segregation Students at Evergreen State College are calling for the resignation of an allegedly “anti-black” professor after he objected to a school-sanctioned event calling for whites to leave campus for the day. According to Evergreen...

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