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  1. J

    Have you donated to the ASPCA because of their Silent Night commercial?

    . Check out their donation drive video featuring Silent Night. . . Seems like they feature Silent Night because they have no trouble silencing these defenseless animals using your donations to supply the death drug. . See: ASPCA Position Statement on Euthanasia . "The ASPCA believes that...
  2. midcan5

    'A Protocol for Dying'

    People often act surprised when I tell them I want to know I am dying and have a bit of time before lights out. I have known religious people who fear death and I wonder why? If immortality is real then these people are set for a very long time. Of course nothing follows life, but consciousness...
  3. L

    Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps

    Abortion vs "Euthanasia" The termination of elderly and sick in care homes and hospitals: Unlike for abortion, that started decades earlier, there's still not a word in the dictionary for the second ongoing type of genocide in the EU and US. This is explained by the second difference between...

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