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  1. Nostra

    Official Impeachment Thread 2.0: House Judiciary Committee Hearings

    Put a fork in impeachment, it's done. Read: Jonathan Turley impeachment inquiry testimony
  2. The Original Tree

    What The Democrats Should Have Done After The Mueller Report

    They should have thrown their Deep State Friends Under The Bus, said, "Well, now we know for certain there was No Russian Collusion. Let's all get on with the business of running The Country." But, I am thinking because of The WAY they Rushed from COUP 1.0 to COUP 2.0 that They could not do...
  3. The Original Tree

    Russian Collusion Hoax-Ukraine Gossip Game traced back to Obama & Clinton

    President Trump here, gives us a little "heads up" on what might go down with uncovering the plot to Oust our Duly Elected President From Office, and it may lead Straight Back to Obama, Clinton and their Curious and Suspicious Dealings In The Ukraine. I believe that Trump is correct when he...
  4. The Original Tree

    Fiona Hill Proof-Read The Dirty Dossier BEFORE it was Published!

    Another day, and another Intelligence Agent from the Obama CIA posing as a Fake Diplomat, telling Deep State Fictions, full of Hear Say and Rumor. The only Factual thing she was heard to say was that she met with Christopher Steele, and She Proof Read The Dossier with Strobe Talbot a close...
  5. The Original Tree

    What Other Classified Information Did Eric Ciaramella Leak?

    What Eric Ciaramella is doing, even if it is 2nd hand information is a violation of The Espionage Act, the same set of laws The James Comey, Obama, and Lynch tried to protect Clinton from being prosecuted under. If you put all the pieces together, this guy has been leaking all along. I believe...
  6. Billy_Kinetta

    It's Looking More And More As If -whistleblower

    - there is no actual whistleblower. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday it may not be necessary to have the whistleblower who first filed a complaint about President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine testify before Congress, saying there...
  7. deanrd

    Reality Winner, she released info about Trump and his Russian connections now sits in jail for leaks

    Reality Winner, N.S.A. Contractor Accused in Leak, Pleads Guilty WASHINGTON — Reality L. Winner, a former Air Force linguist who was the first person prosecuted by the Trump administration on charges of leaking classified information, pleaded guilty on Tuesday as part of an agreement with...
  8. The Original Tree


    Jonathan M. Winer | Middle East Institute Jonathan M. Winer has been the United States Special Envoy for Libya, the deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement, and counsel to United States Senator John Kerry. He has written and lectured widely on U.S. Middle East...
  9. The Original Tree

    Treason, Capital Punishment & Public Hangings!

    America has gone soft. America in general has no back bone and what back bone we do have is ridiculed as outdated values. The same people who claim our outdated values should be replaced with progressive values, also claim The Constitutuon is outdated. The same Constitution that guarantees...
  10. Litwin

    Theresa May accuses Vladimir Putin of election meddling

    I am just wandering will Trump believe to Theresa May´s words? or to the Putins ? " Theresa May has launched her strongest attack on Russia yet, accusing Moscow of meddling in elections and carrying out cyber espionage. Addressing leading business figures at a banquet in London, the prime...
  11. The Original Tree

    The FBI & NSA lied about LYNCH - BILL CLINTON Tarmac Transcripts

    There you have it folks. It is time to clean house and end the DEEP State and abolish THE SURVEILANCE STATE. We need to also ABOLISH the Partiot Act and break up THE NSA. It's my opinion that the majority of leaks are actually coming from The FBI and NSA and from people like LYNCH, RICE...
  12. The Original Tree

    Lynch, Rice, Comey, Powers In Hiding

    Why are The DEMS who claim they want to get to the bottom of all of this doing everything they can to obstruct investigations in to The Democrat Party's Criminal Activities? Russia probe: Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS And When is THE DNC SERVER going to be examined...
  13. The Original Tree

    Shocking New Email Leaked About Trump Junior!

    I used to defend Trump and his family, but no more. Not after I have just seen the latest scandalous email leaked on Trump Jr. The email comes from a Dr. Bakare Tunde and involves vast amounts of money and a money laundering scheme. The Russians are also implicated in this. REQUEST FOR...
  14. washamericom

    make iran great again...

    Obama Collaborates with Iran on Production and Sale of Nuclear Material | Iran is a terrorist nation and the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world according to Obama’s own State Department, er... hillary's sta.... gosh darn it, so many of we Americans...

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