1. anotherlife

    Conduits of Satan: the socialist

    Satan has many conduits. For example, an abused child grows up to be an abuser. Or a guy with a burglarized homestead becomes the killer of his attackers. But this happens in very large scales too. Look at the members of the UN Security Council. These are all socialist nations, the core...
  2. anotherlife

    Conspiracy, or network effect?

    In conspiracy theories, we assume that certain unknown individuals or cartels arrange events using subtle control. In network theory, we assume that control may not have an individual origin, but goes around using connections of the network. Is there a way to device a test to tell these...
  3. anotherlife

    Antichrist. A job opening for you?

    Stalin said, that the enemies of socialism are the antichrists. Today, most western democracies are moved to a socialist basis. The first doctrine of socialism is that you give up everything about you, and transform yourself to whatever the dispensers of survival want you to be. High...

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