energy independence

  1. P@triot

    Definitely making America great again

    I have to salute you President Trump - you've been exceptional your first two weeks on the job. Quite possibly the most impressive first two weeks of a presidency in my lifetime. This will create jobs and - more importantly - create affordable energy for America. The exact opposite of what...
  2. P@triot

    Revolutionary Paint Can Turn Heat Into Electricity

    Interesting will be a great day when every home is self-powered through solar, geothermal, etc. and the entire electrical grid can be scrapped. Having a single-point of failure like we currently have is just too unstable. An added bonus will be ridding us of the eyesore that is all...
  3. MrFritz

    Obama: The Godly Energy President

    U.S. energy independence looks 'tantalizingly close' - Aug. 9, 2016 Obama has presided over America's biggest oil boom ever - Jul. 21 ... TRIGGER WARNING: More FACTS: The facts speak for themselves, President Obama was our greatest energy president. Because President Obama is a...

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