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    Official BTRTN Predictions for Every National Election

    It's all here, including their track record. Born To Run The Numbers: Election 2016: BTRTN's Official Predictions: Hillary Clinton Wins Historic Race; Dems Take Back Senate (Barely); GOP Maintains Firm Control of House and State Houses
  2. N

    Why the sudden disgust for Trump?

    As a young citizen of the United States I cannot seem to fathom or comprehend the support for the Republican nominee Donald Trump. America will basically have to choose between the lesser of two evils, but I would think if one was a somewhat decent human being the obvious choice would be Hillary...
  3. C

    Labeling Millions of People

    Hillary Clinton said that half of Trump's supporters are deplorable and that they're racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. She had no right to say that. She labeled people who she doesn't even know. She went way too far. She should be ashamed of herself for saying such awful things about millions of...
  4. D

    USMB Mock presidential election w/approval voting.

    I'd like to run an bit of an experiment here and test out Approval Voting within the confines of USMB. Here's how it works. You select all the candidates that you would like to see become president. You can vote for as many as you want. If there's only one you like, you can still vote only for...
  5. DonaldFG

    CDZ A Rare Opportunity to Reform Corrupt Government

    After watching over the past half-century a disappointing parade of candidates running for U.S. President, I am finally hearing one not speaking the usual gobbledegook but actually making sense. And the usual embedded and implied lies are not there for this candidate. His past record as a...
  6. washamericom

    Did Obama dodge the questions about his birth certificate as much as Hillary is dodging the question

    Did Obama dodge the questions about his birth certificate as much as Hillary is dodging the questions about these transcripts? I'm starting to see a different kind of parallel to the 2008 election but I wasn't actively keeping up with it back then so I'm not sure if it's quite so similar. If...
  7. washamericom


    maybe donald trump doesn't want to be president. maybe he just wants to pick the president. his optics have been flawless going back the last election, receiving at trump castle in NYC, just about every major presidential candidate of the conservative persuasion. and it was always news. what...

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