1. William Smith

    Powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey, 7 people dead

    Breaking News A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey, severn people were dead, here on Sunday. According to the details, at least 7 people were dead including three children in eastern Turkey after a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit neighbouring Iran. According to tmedia reports, 25...
  2. beautress

    Is the Big One Coming to CA? 10 Earthquakes, 24 hrs - Exit Strategy?

    Is it true that smaller quakes precede the Big One? What do you think? First it was the devasdating fires, now, it's earthquakes. Time to call the Van Lines? Please discuss if you live in CA what preparations you can make: Do you have an alternative road going East if the San Andreas Fault...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Breaking News Massive earthquake hits Mexico City, killing at least 60

    At least 60 killed by quake in Mexico, toll rises in capital MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least 60 people were killed when a powerful earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday, officials said. The highest death toll was in Morelos state, just south of Mexico City, where 42 deaths were...
  4. MindWars

    M 8.0 earthquake in Kirakira, Pacific Ocean - Middle,Solomon Islands on 8th December 2016 05:38:47 P

    RSOE EDIS - Earthquake M 8.0 in Solomon Islands This is a biggie!!
  5. L

    Ecuador earthquake: Correa at Vatican, SANto padre FRANCISCO in Lesbos: visits to and by fake pope

    Three illuminati suicide bombers playing socialists visit the "socialist Vatican" Sanders comes together with two visitors from the cast of the series "leftists control South America" now turning into "leftists replaced by pro-american governments". As served in the Daily Mail article, a...

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