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  1. Divine.Wind

    US military tests swarm of mini-drones launched from jets

    This is really cool tech. The "distributed brain" concept is fascinating. These things don't run into each other, as the video of them orbiting the target proves. It's amazing where the tech is going these days. US military tests swarm of mini-drones launched from jets - BBC News The US...
  2. P@triot

    Amazon patent imagines tiny personal assistant drones

    Increased security. Decreased privacy. Life is nothing but one giant tradeoff. If utilized properly to simply patrol public spaces, this will be a valuable tool in lowering crime (I'm talking in the future when they are autonomous). But we know how nothing is ever used properly. Amazon’s Vision...
  3. washamericom

    Sony’s next big thing is camera drones

    why is this in politics, when it should be in the consipracy section with the birth certificate people whom have doubts about our executive branch. ridiculous, except drones will be a hot political topic, this cycle or next, lasers too. :cool::cool: doublecool. (hint: chuck schumer) Google

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