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  1. ChemEngineer

    Science is Hard If You're a Democrat

    A woman just delivered a newborn and hears it cry out beneath her surgical coverings over her bent knees: "Doctor, is it a boy or a girl!" Doctor: "I don't know. I'm not a biologist. We'll have to wait until it's 16 or 18 to find out which of the 54 sexes it chooses to be." New Mother: "Did...
  2. Maggdy

    Award: Arabic doctor named the best in Hungary

    "Yemen-born Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulrab Mohamed has been voted as the doctor of the year in Hungary. He is a pediatrician and a specialsit neonatologist at the Department of Pediatrics of the Pándy Kálmán Hospital in Gyula, SE Hungary. Diplomacy&Trade online | March 20, 2016 Nominated by the...

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