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  1. RodISHI

    Doctors forcing medical proceedures...

    Any doctor forcing, extorting a patient/or parent or coercing medical procedures on anyone needs to have their license yanked asap. It is not humane, it is anti-humane to force someone into your views in order to do a surgical or any type of medical procedure on them. People that are calling...
  2. P@triot

    Stay classy, progressives!

    Wow. There are so many things to point out here - where to begin? 1. Madaleno here has absolutely no clue about President Trump's positions (nice job genius - you just ran on a platform of ignorance) 2. His entire platform is that he will get under the skin of President Trump. Leave it to a...
  3. P@triot

    Could the left be any more uncivilized?

    The left continues to degenerate into uncivilized, Neanderthal behavior. From violence, destruction of property, and looting to changing, showering, and using the bathroom with members of the opposite sex, to this latest gem - sending a giant vagina to the President of the United States under an...
  4. P@triot

    Liberals: Underage Girls Should Be Taught 'Tolerance' For Male Genitals

    Just in case anyone was wondering why Donald Trump won. What can even be said about such a sick, disgusting, pro-pedophilia comment? The left is a bunch of uncivilized neanderthals who want to regress society back to the caveman era where people just defecate in front of each other in caves...
  5. P@triot

    Let’s not insult women by calling that shameful nonsense a “Women’s March”

    There were very few actual women there. Most of what you saw were unshowered, filthy, gross creatures filled with anger due to ignorance.... On Saturday, thousands of ladies in vagina hats descended upon DC to demand more dead babies. They demanded other things, too, like free birth control...
  6. Bob Blaylock

    Ladyboy/Shemale/Futanari Porn Magazine — Formerly respected publication Sports Illustrated

    There are no words to describe how twisted this is., Sports Illustrated was once a respected, sports-oriented magazine. I guess they've decided to go into the freakish fringes of the porn business, catering to the “chicks with dicks” crowd. Caitlyn Jenner to Pose Naked With Gold Medal for...

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