1. D

    Did You Tasted Ice Cream Rolls? If Not.. See How to Prepare them

  2. R

    Poem: Global warming could be good for some parts of the world. We The Saharawi

    We The Saharawi Of The Desert We the Saharawi of the desert welcome climate change Could be good for you, could be bad for you We of the scorched earth would like to see some rain Rain, rain, oh rain Rain in the Sahara How we so desire The brown dusty earth sprouting in green Beautiful...
  3. anotherlife

    What's the best desert trail?

    I would like to go to walk on a desert trail this time. Somewhere in the US south west or Australia. I would like it to be a challenge too, something that not many people can do. I would also like to test my heat tolerance. Do you know such trails? I did Alpine trails in the past, and this...

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