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  1. deanrd

    If you were a foreign country, would you trust any negotiated deal trump signed?

    If you were a foreign country, would you trust any negotiated deal trump signed? Seriously people. You know Trump stiffed his own workers. He ruined many peoples lives and destroyed companies when he refused to pay them for work done. If you were a foreign country would you sign a deal...
  2. K

    CDZ Payment to Russian for hacking US election

    Russia for sure has helped Trump to win the election by playing a big role in email hacking event. Russia won't do it for free. There must be a secret deal between the intelligence of two countries. We outsiders can only see it from some facts. The secret deal: Hacked email were handed to...
  3. Gracie

    Probably a dumb question, but.......

    Gonna ask anyway. Jihad has been called because we are over there bombing the fuck out muslims and they want us out of their countries. is the dumb question. What if our government had a sit down with their government, and said ok..we will pull out. We will not pull a hiroshima on...
  4. J

    Obama’s deal with terrorist Iran is a TREATY

    . If Obama’s deal with the terrorist government of Iran is a treaty, then, by our Constitution, it needs a two thirds approval vote in the Senate to be finalized. In discussing this issue, it is important to note a fundamental rule of constitutional construction: 16 Am Jur 2d Constitutional...

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