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  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    A Woman Gone Astray Who Found Her Way Back...Will You?

    Could this be you? "]How women fall into America's white power movement - CNN Then... Think people. Think!! She got Woke. Got her shit together . Will you?
  2. deanrd

    Congratulations! President Trump passed 10,000!

    Washington Post fact-checker says Trump has 'now hit 10,000' lies as president Kessler noted that Trump's rate of saying false or misleading statements have picked up recently, alleging the president had made 171 such statements in the previous three days. Kessler alleges Trump made 45 false...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Cult of Communism: Jim Jones and the Jonestown mass murder-suicide

    James Warren Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was an American cult leader and communist.[1][2] Jones was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor, and he achieved notoriety as the founder and leader of the radical leftist Peoples Temple, which was often described as having cult-like...
  4. American_Jihad

    The Left's Continuing Homage To Communism

    Why are the left so in love with communism, socialism, marxism, maoism, etc, etc??? Maybe they should move, GTF out... THE LEFT'S CONTINUING HOMAGE TO COMMUNISM Why progressives pay no price for clinging to their murderous ideology. May 5, 2017 Bruce Thornton ... One hundred days into...
  5. Compost

    Trump Got Cult?

    It has been suggested that Obama supporters exhibit cult-like behavior. Could it be, Trump supporters do too? Rick Ross, executive director of the Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements, discusses three primary characteristics, which are the most...

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