cover up

  1. deanrd

    Donald Trump said he was just “joking“.

    Donald Trump said he was just joking about pardoning people if they break the law to make the wall. Donald Trump was just joking when he asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton‘s emails. Donald Trump said he was just joking when he told police officers to be rough with suspects. Donald...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    CDZ The Inside Deal before the Election on Hillys Felonlys

    Was the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information cooked from the very beginning? According to the New York Post, FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State were required to sign...
  3. MindWars

    it's about to hit the fan Anonymous Remember, Remember the 5th of November

    Over the next few days many new documents will be released. The contents of these documents will contain evidence of perhaps the largest coverup in American History. Before this happens we would like to explain ourselves and answer a few questions you may have. It's About to Hit The Fan...
  4. defcon4

    CNN's possible role in Clinton email deletion cover up

    Another day and another revelation of the MSM working had in hand with the Clinton campaign. "Recently released Wikileaks emails show that Tom Nides, a former Deputy Secretary of State, colluded wih John Podesta to help cover-up Hillary’s email scandal. [...] Turns out that Nide is MARRIED to...
  5. MindWars

    DOJ tried repeatedly to kill FBI's Clinton foundation investigation

    A bombshell report from The Wall Street Journal Senior-level Justice Department officials pushed back heavily on an ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, according to a bombshell report from The Wall Street Journal. Report: DOJ Tried Repeatedly To Kill FBI’s Clinton Foundation...
  6. MindWars

    Famous Journalist who exposed Hillary Clinton's crimes found dead.

    Famous Journalist Who Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Crimes Found Dead At 54 From… A journalist from the American free press Victor Thorn has been found dead. Police reports indicate that he died from a self inflicted gun shot wound and has ruled his death as a suicide. He has been a critic of the...

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